Asahi Tec Aluminium (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

“ Was born in 1916, in the midst of Japan becoming a leading industrial nation with improvements in technology and increased production. Since then, we have expanded our iron casting and forging business, and advanced in the field of light alloys. Overcoming a number of challengers, we have grown into a company which is vital for the supply of critical components for automobiles, trucks and construction machinery. We are currently focused on promoting globalization and responding to the fast pace of the market. As we head towards our “Next Century” in celebration of our 100th year, it is our intention to continue to boldly move forward as a company of strong growth, with the ability to complete with the world. ”

Gravity Die Casting Business

“ ASAHI TEC produces a large number of major automobile components, such as Intake Manifolds that determine engine performance, Steering Members, and Seatback Frames. We are known as the leader of large-size magnesium die-cast component, proactively developing new products at all times. We are also proud of out rich variety of aluminium magnesium die-cast components that realize thin wall, light weight, and high precision, ranging from automobile part to construction machinery and home electronics parts. ”

Aluminium Wheel Business

“ Aluminium Wheels decorate the exterior of automobiles while ensuring safe and comfortable drive. ASAHI TEC has established an integrated manufacturing system from product design to final product. We are an OEM supplier to most of the Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturers as well as acting as a supplier to other component makers. Having the manufacturing plants in Thailand and China, ASAHI TEC is ready to become a global supplier through possible technical cooperation with leading international manufacturers. ”